Year 2….

So begins a new adventure of me starting Year 2 of Global Celebration School of Supernatural Ministry! I’m at the same place that I was around this time, last year,  full of excitement, curiosity, anticipation, but my heart is a blank canvas ready to be painted on! What Year 1 was to me was a shock to the heart that was on life support, spiritually I was mummified, a walking coffin convinced that my weak pulse was a beating heart paying no attention to the IV connected to a package full of shame, guilt, self righteousness, anxiety, unbelief. I didn’t realize how bad my vitals were until I was in the presence of those who’s spirit was in recovery, thriving….. some even healthy enough to give life and joy to others to like a blood transfusion. The term “Supernatural” can be weird. To be honest, the term Supernatural kind of turned me off from wanting to be associated with the school. By definition the term supernatural means –

(of a manifestation or event) some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature…..

 Prior to school, when I think of the word “Supernatural”,  I thought of

  1.  Magic

  2.  two really cute actors on the CW

  3.  weather related miracles…

None of those necessarily paint a picture of on Earth as it is in Heaven. Some of that comes from my own ignorance, some comes from misrepresentations. (Have you ever Googled “Supernatural”?) The more I thought about it, the more I realized how much we need the supernatural in our lives. Think about the ways we need God to come through for us…… the ways we need help, we turn to God for help in ways that no man can help. Sometimes as our first line of defense, sometimes as our last resort. Cancer, debt, deliverance, reconciliation. If man in the natural cannot help us, we then need something more, something big enough, strong enough, unshakable. Something so amazing that the only explanation is God, and God being explanatory enough. His power needs to be higher, stronger, more astounding beyond my reasoning. I need to be able to worship a God beyond my reason. If He is something I can explain, He then, is small enough to fit into my box of who I think He is. I need a supernatural deity in my life. That can only be YHWY, the only way. I want a big God, I want a God who is strong enough to change the geographical landscape of the planet at the drop of a hat, but tender enough to mend a broken heart.

What has the Supernatural looked like to me ? Praying (in faith) for cancer to be evicted out of the temple it is trespassing in, then seeing it leave. Witnessing a woman’s leg grow out evenly who had hip and back problems all her life, and rejoiced as she danced away. Walking through highly suspect parts of Harrisburg, PA and seeing Joy being manifested and changing the demeanor of downcast-ed troubled souls. A dear friend who once had metal implants now with reports of the metal being replaced with flesh. Once broken ribs being made whole again during communion AFTER drinking a representation of the blood of Christ. What?! No longer do I question the supernatural, I embrace it, I invite it.  I now am eager to find more gems and broadcast the report of the goodness of God all over this city, this region, this coast. On Earth as it is in Heaven. The Global Celebration School of Supernatural Ministry is a ministry school that is a nine-month, hands-on training course. Each year there are new layers of revelations that get unraveled about who you are, and who He is. Each year is a new opportunity to refine your gifts, fine tune the frequency to hear what God is saying about you and take the party outside the walls and share what your Papa gave you in the glorious celebration. GCSSM opened many doors. It dared me to dream, and challenged me to believe.  I was put in positions and opportunities where I came through with great confidence because of the people who believed in me. I believe in myself because of who believes in me, I was in a place where I didn’t think about my insecurities, or my skin color, or my underprivileged background, or my anxiety. All that mattered was that I am His and He is mine. I knew who I am, and whose I am and anytime I forgot that I had an army, a team, a squad that would help to remind me my identity and my last name Wennie Saint-vil, the musician-ary and cheerful friend, daughter of a King woman who would prepare like Esther and fight like Deborah.

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