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Asking people for their hard earned money is a lot of work. Imagine having a full-time job in ministry, with all the outreaches, program development, and discipleship training, and then having another full-time job that consists of funding everything else you do in life (rent, car, utilities etc). It can get rough, time-consuming, very stressful, and sometimes even humiliating. I will speak for all missionaries, over seas and home-based alike when I say when raising funding, we are so very thankful for our donors. Each of you, no matter how much you give, makes our jobs easier, less stressful, and more productive. Though, I love using writing as an aspect of my evangelism and a creative medium, the less time I have to spend writing letters, strategize, and cry over fundraising(half joking) , the more time I can spend with my eyes focused on His face and not the speed bumps and roadblocks. I am going to faith it till I make it, but that does require help and I am getting over my pride of not wanting to ask because how it would make me look, I learned my lesson last year, if I don’t ask I don’t receive. I tried to do the whole “pulling up mah bootstraps and sucking it up” the longer I tried to keep it to myself, the harder life got going at it alone. Even though the enemy was trying to convince me that if this is something that I wanted, I deserve to do this on my own. Not.. true.

My life got very rough in January of 2017 around the time that the second semester started at school. My car died, my Uncle died, and my relationship was in the process of dying out as well. It felt like I was gasping for air at every wave that was crashing over me. I retreated to isolation more and more with every blow. Which is my natural response. Pretty soon it was just me, alone with my thoughts. I was in the ring again with a familiar opponent. BUT GOD, He just wasn’t in my corner, He got in the ring and fought my battle. I was seeing His hands moving on my behalf. That hope reminded me I wasn’t alone. Feeling less weighted by my burdens, I was beginning to recognize how much that the enemy loves when we are isolated. But I needed to remember who I was, and whose I was and remembered that walking in the light was not walking perfectly, but honestly. Being honest with my self and others.

The more I shared with others about where I was, the easier it began to share. When I submitted and got transparent about my life, literally the response and support was overwhelming. His resurrection power is not only for bringing the dead bodies to life again. He can bring to life all that is dead! I sat back at watched Him work from my humbled spot on my knees. Not in any way that I would of ever imagined did I see His wonder-working power. I of course thought that I had a better plan and picture of what it would look like to have Him come through and help me. I was too busy looking out of windows and distorted glasses that I failed to just look in the mirror and see how the plans He has for me, were…. for me, its no one else’s plan, He is not reproducing for me what He did through someone else. He was doing something new in me and to me ! Amazing grace looks like when you can’t go at it alone, so He sends help through His hands and feet, his body of believers. He uses people, it’s absolutely true, He uses people and He can use you.

This summer, when I received my acceptance letter for Year 2 of GCSSM of course my heart was filled with excitement and gratitude. But how many of us know that the enemy is quick, ready and petty? Almost instantly I thought about my ability, or lack there of. How was I gonna manage another year financially at GCSSM? My fear of asking people for money skyrocketed again, Anxiety plagued me and I sat physically paralyzed under my own sense of fear and failure. Yet my mind was exploding with creative mediums for raising funds. I’m picking myself out of the dust now. I often struggle with the poverty mindset so never believing that I’ll ever have enough. How many of us know that the mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master…. ?

I have recognized that truly the things in my life that are really rewarding has been things I could not pridefully brag about doing with my own two hands. For a second, I doubted coming back for a second year, I thought I couldn’t figure out a way to fund school. My problem was not that I was lazy or incompetent. My battle wasn’t merely against my busyness, mind, or unwillingness to fail or make mistakes. The enemy found my weakness and gained a foothold of me for that second. Why? Because he knew what would be at stake if I made it. This is not just about a ministry school. God is leading me to a specific place because He knows I have something that someone desperately needs. At this point, I do not know what that is, but I do know that in order to find out, I need to begin doing my part. Please join me by supporting me in prayer or financially. I am just in a transparent and vulnerable place, but that’s never a place I will regret being in, in front of Jesus.

So what I am asking is for your support, whatever that may look like for you is totally going to be known by you in your heart of if, when, and what to give. —-> Sponsor Link What sponsoring me may look like to you is a month donation of 10, 20, 50, or 100 dollars a month . There is no fixed amount and no one can out give you. Much like the parable of the Widow with 2 Coins (Mark12:41-44) I recognize the value of who gives from their hearts, not just from their wallet. If you have nothing to offer but heartfelt prayers for this upcoming year at GCSSM I appreciate it all the same. That’s why to me, the dollars have the same value as your prayers, and I appreciate every penny. What does the money that is donated go towards ? Its better worded here : Year Two Enrollment

So, there are two ways to give, only one link to do it through. I skipped the whole “Go Fund Me” link because I don’t think the middle man is necessary, so I am not raising money in that aspect. Often times people are often weary of giving because of the doubts of where the money goes. This is directly to school. Anything missions trip related will be made through a fund raiser. I am providing the link to my school and through there, there are several ways to give through sponsorship and/or a one time donation. There is also a link to the donation page off of the home page of my blog entitled Donate to Wennie

Sponsor Link and Donation Link

I am so thankful for the friends and family who continue to encourage me in this process. I am thankful that God is a God of grace. I am thankful that 2 Tim reads…

If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself (2 Tim 2:13)

So, He is faithful even when, in my thoughts and actions, I am faithless. In His commitment to loving me, He brings me to re-awaken my faith in Him just by modeling for me what faith in people can look like. Faith in someone regardless of receiving it back . Love never fails. That’s how good of a God we serve! I am so excited for this journey! I feel like I can hit the ground running this year and I plan to bring you in on every aspect of it. I invite you to stay connected for sure as I will continue to write, film and capture moments that will bring you along with me for the adventure.

I love you all. Thank you.

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