The Prophetic from the outside looking in

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Not gonna lie, being a prophet is not easy. It’s not an easy call. I would even say its not a call to brag on. I would caution you of being aware of what you receive from someone who brags on their ability to prophesy. That right there should be an indication of what motivates them to prophecy. Love does not boast .

Could you imagine being the mouthpiece for the Lord ? Speaking on behalf of someone who in the natural cannot be seen or heard? Of course in Christ, we all have the ability to see and hear the Lord, after all…… He is God….and we are His children.

proph·et/ˈpräfət/noun (see definition) 1. person regarded as an inspired teacher or proclaimer of the will of God.

Prophets are a special. They have a special call, it’s a special call. They are “set apart” on top of being set apart. God always carries a special message for them to give to His people. I feel like God appoints prophets because He is full of mercy and full of grace. God has a lot to say, and He is always saying something. He appointed prophets because sometimes the invitation to receive from Him (face to face) personally isn’t always taken, i/e Israel and Moses. Moses was to be God’s messenger of hope to God’s children, but fear drove a wedge between a Father and His children. The pain of their time of suffering in Egypt was too great for them to listen, But God did not stop talking. He is full of Grace.

In modern day, what does that prophetic look like ? Very different from Moses’ day. A quick recap of the Fall of Man: God created man, Man had fellowship with God and direct access to Him because the first Adam was of no sin before the Fall. Then Man sinned, and the Fall happened. Man choose to listen to a voice that wasn’t the Lord’s. The Fall of resulted in an eviction notice. Separation from God’s presence also meant broken fellowship. Then the second Adam came. A man named Jesus. God came amongst us and dwelled with us in the flesh. Came and lived a perfect life, one without sin. Gave up his perfect life sacrificially and was crucified. Something happened when Jesus was crucified, the line of direct access was repaired and we now have a re established ability to be face to face with the Lord. We all can hear from the Lord. He speaks to us, and we listen. Or we don’t.

The gifts he gave were that some would be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and teacher Ephesians 4:11

Modern day prophets look like people who speak edification, exhortation, and comfort.

For those who speak in a tongue do not speak to other people but to God; for nobody understands them, since they are speaking mysteries in the Spirit. On the other hand, those who prophesy speak to other people for their upbuilding and encouragement and consolation. 1 Corinthians 14:2-3

The job of the New Testament prophet was similar to that of their Old Testament counterparts. They were to speak forth the Word of God to the people. The early church was built upon the foundation of these individuals – they were the leaders of the new order. The prophets were those individuals whom God selected. No church or organization had or has the authority to declare someone a prophet. This was something that was determined by God alone.

Is that what the prophetic looks like today ? Are we treating prophets like they are a gift? Do we honor their voice? Why ? What stops us from honoring them, if they are from the Lord? The easy answer ? Fear. It’s the same reason that kept the Israelites distant from the Lord, the same thing that made the children of God reject Moses, His mouthpiece. Fear, past wounds and lack of trust/faith. Does the lack of trust IN God invalidate Moses’ calling? Does Moses’ authority as a prophet come from whether or not he is accepted or rejected? No?It is the same for our modern prophets today. Sometimes fear comes from a lack of knowledge. People don’t like to trust what they can’t explain. How much do we truly know about the prophetic ? How do you trust prophets ? How do we know the prophetic it’s from the Lord ?

Let love be your highest goal! But you should also desire the special abilities the Spirit gives—especially the ability to prophesy. 1 Corinthians 14:1 NLT

So we should embrace the prophetic, and honor those who prophesy. Plan n’ simple, and if it’s not something you are familiar with, get familiar. Why the prophetic ? Why should be we especially desire that gift. Because that ability solely depends on intimacy and hearing the voice of the Father. The prophetic comes from no where else. It shouldn’t. Any operation of the prophetic that does not come from union with the Father is witchcraft. What does that mean? Manipulation is witchcraft. Manipulation does not need God’s involvement. Witchcraft is tampering with the things of God, without the involvement of God.

Sadly. Many have settled for the low hanging fruit, otherwise called “the flesh”. Not all fruit is of the Spirit. Fruit of the Spirit come from Galatians 5:22-23. Works of the flesh (otherwise known as low hanging fruit) are found in Galatians 5:19-21. Only things of value are counterfeited. Thats why we are urged to test everything, the bible warns us over and over again to “test every spirit”. But there is nothing to test without having the previous knowledge of it. The prophetic is not a pop quiz. That is not how God works. We have the best cheat code to Christian life, it’s called the Holy Spirit… a gift given to us by Jesus. Also a byproduct of our reestablished connection to the Father. So that we can hear the Father for ourselves. I cannot stress that enough. Sure you are entitled to receive any prophetic word, it is your responsibility to test it. Don’t bite the fruit and THEN find out its bitter, test the fruit first. Thats why discernment is so important. Are you being educated in the prophetic ? Are you in a community that honors the prophetic biblically? Some people do not trust what they cannot explain. Contrary to the popular saying, ignorance is not bliss. The Word is our manual, a step by step guide of what to look for and what to abstain for. You will know about the prophetic from reading your Word, spend time in the Word and with the Word. Matthew 16:17 (See Here) Jesus had a “proud friend” moment with Simon Peter because he directly got the revelation from the Father. All Jesus wanted to do while He walked the Earth was reveal the Father. Imagine His joy when one of His friends/followers/disciples got the revelation. His friend listened to his advice and his student/disciples finally was grasping the teaching. The reward was the prophetic declaration that upon Peter the “Rock”, Jesus would build His church and the gates of hell will not prevail. Aren’t we all prophetic ?

I am not a Prophet, I highly admire prophets. Above my reverence for God-appointed Prophets, I crave to hear the voice of God daily for myself, and I can because of the Cross. Because I have accepted the Gospel to be true, because I confessed with my mouth that Jesus is Lord, because I asked Jesus to come in to my heart, I have union with Him. We are in union. We have a covenant relationship. I revel in my union with the Lord. He dwells in me. He made a home in me. We dialogue, we cry, we laugh, we discuss, we wrestle and I love every minute of it. I love to hear the voice of my Father. His voice shepherds me. My Shepherd. Has the word “prophetic” left a nasty taste in your mouth ? Well when was the last time it was sweet? The purpose of prophecy is to build up, edify and encourage as we talked about in Ephesians 4. If the word that scarred you is still effecting your heart towards the prophetic, ask yourself….is this a wound you can heal Jesus? What about the word scarred me ? Did I put “the word” over Your Word God ? We have all received a word we believed and maybe hoped in and did not see it come to pass. I believe the beauty of the prophetic is in the heart of its purpose. The Word comes from God who is perfect in us, thru the error of man in a fallen world, which is where the power of grace thru Faith comes in. We need His grace, His grace in us, in the Word and the person delivering the Word. Have you ever given a prophetic word? Have you ever missed it, or do you have the perfect score ? Have you ever been more grateful for His grace than when you gave a prophetic word and missed it.

From the outside looking in on the prophetic I have so much respect for those who step out in complete Faith to give a word. Can you imagine the Faith it takes to give a word with the complete backing of Heaven? I treasure what Jesus treasures, how much value do prophets have that upon 1/2 of the the foundations of the church involves Prophets, with Jesus’ backing.

Built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the cornerstone Ephesians 2:20

The word false prophet is used often. Too often, and often too flippantly. It’s easier to accuse then to believe. I personally don’t get too involved labeling things and people. I can tell when fruit is bad yes, it’s the fruit. Not the person. Judging prophets is old testament behavior, under the old law. I would caution you of using the lips that were given to you to praise the Lord and to speak life with, to curse and label. The thought that we would receive the same measurement of Judgement on ourselves that we release on others is weighty. Jesus already promised that he’d take those heavy burdens from us, so that we don’t have to bear it. We have never been appointed to police the church. Quite the opposite. As a fellow worker in the house of the Lord I don’t wanna take my chances judging the Master’s employee as we were ALL called to co-labor. We have work to do, can’t be too busy tearing down when we can easy build up.

For just as you [hypocritically] judge others [when you are sinful and unrepentant], so will you be judged; and in accordance with your standard of measure [used to pass out judgment], judgment will be measured to you Matthew 7:2

Ending my thought with this : Honor the prophets, honor the prophetic. Do not allow the mistake of man, make a mistake in you. Grace Grace Grace. Trust and Succeed.

Crafted w/ love Love you 🖤 Wennie ⚡️

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