Lets leave these behind in 2020…

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

We made it through 2020, and we managed to keep out heads above water in this hellaciously, unprecedented, bizarre year.

Some of us frolicked in to 2021, some of us reluctantly waltzed in. Now that we are here, I believe that we have to carefully take an internal assessment of things that we didn’t need in 2020 and leave them there to ensure that we don’t just survive but thrive in 2021.

I compiled a suggestive list :

Fighting the Wrong Battles : If the weapons of our warfare are not flesh, or even of this world, why have our battles been against the flesh (carnal, human)? Are we using the wrong weapons, or fighting the wrong battle ? We know where the actually opposition comes from, and it’s not any human being that breathes on this earth. So why have we pointed our weapons towards our comrades in Christ, why breed animosity within our families? If you have any grievances with someone I implore you to let it go in 2021. Forgiveness is actually a biblical mandate. How much does their transgression against you matter in light of eternity? The person (or persons) are not your enemy…. pride, jealousy, anger, and bitterness are. Address where the weeds in your heart are coming from and kill it at its root, so tat you can produce the right fruit. Do I know what they have done to you? No, but I know that kindness, leads to repentance Romans 2:4 Love BIG in 2021 do not be a stingy lover Luke 7:47

Attacking the Body: How would you like to get paid for someone else’s work? That is what happens every time we attack members of the Body of Christ, you’re doing the enemy’s work, and he gets the reward… it is his pleasure to see quarrels amongst the sheep, acting as if they have no shepherd Matt 9:36 What if in 2021 we celebrated the Body as much as we attacked it? What if we celebrate victories instead of short comings? If there’s anything that was fully exposed in 2020 it’s the worlds longing for the love of Christ. This world is starving for a love that we as believers have full access to. How do we make Christ’s love tangible to the world ? Jesus told His disciples in John 13:35 to love ONE ANOTHER just as He had loved them, and BY THAT, not only does the world know that we are His disciples but also that Jesus Christ exists. How did Christ love His disciples? He saw them, met them where they were, called them up higher, gave them purpose and DIED for them. If thats how Christ loved his disciples (the very ones who betrayed him) to that measure we should love. Enough pointing the finger, enough witch hunting for false prophets, enough platform bullying, and just LOVE, as Christ had love His disciples so that the world will know Him. Lay down your personal agenda and pick up His.

Bonus POV: Some have made it their personal crusade to sniff out false teachers, prophets, heretics etc…. some of which have buffered that animosity and filed it under comparing it to the work of Jesus when opposed the Pharisitical mindset and when Jesus flipped tables… that works for those who were not His disciples and he knew them to not be His disciples…. they were not followers of Jesus, but the people you have your target lock on are, I would proceed with caution. We don’t need a hero, we have Jesus.

Bible Abstinence : You would be amazed how many glory junkies do not read the Word. I’ve even dialogued with some who truly believed that because we are in union with Christ, we do not have to read the Word. How does a relationship work without quality time?

Worship music cannot bring you in to fellowship with the Father any more than reading His word can. Worship is for the acknowledgement of His goodness. Praise the source.

Ever been so in love with a song that you just have to know who wrote it ? We need that same hunger for the word of God. We have got to get so enthralled with miracles, breakthroughs, and testimonies that you just have to know the Miracle Worker behind it all. From Him are all things, and to Him are all things. Mediating on the word night and day does not mean mediating on Youtube videos and Facebook theology. Yet there are many ppl who know the revelation, without knowing the Author. We have got to get in to the Word. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God and the Word was with God. In Him. You cannot know the Word apart from Him, and you cannot know Him without the Word. Jesus is still the Manna, the bread of Life, our daily bread. True food. Don’t be malnourished children when there is plenty to eat. Feast on Him daily. 10 minutes a day, a Psalm a day, from cover to cover, audio, video, in english,in french, The Message or The King James….how ever the Spirit leads… in 2021 lets get in the Word.

The Lone Ranger Spirit: We were made for fellowship by original design. Even Jesus had community. He fellowshipped with the very people that He knew would hand Him over. That He KNEW would hand him over. Could you imagine the pain of knowing that He would be betrayed by the very people He came to save. God as man, experiencing human emotional pain, still pursued community. Even after being crucified, He resurrected and went back for His beloved friends, restored and forgave a friend who denied even knowing Him. All the while reconciling us to have the ability to fellowship with the Father. We were made as social beings, even Adam, made initially individually, was made a companion, a help-mate for it was not in his best interest to be alone. I know that sometimes it can be difficult to be “amongst the brethren”. As humans we fail each other, we hurt each other, fall short of expectations, in our flesh, we suck. But that’s what makes grace so much sweeter. We cannot make our wounds our walls, wounds get healing, but walls get torn down. If there is any good that can come from getting our heart broken by man it’s that it gives us more for Jesus to empathize with us in our pain, then love us enough to heal us from it. Hebrews 4:15. We cannot make someone else’s transgression against us keep up from belonging. We cannot allow our pain, or fear of pain to prohibit us from belonging, and trust me, you do belong. There is a community that you are the missing piece to, there is a tribe that is longing for your unique representation of Christ. There is a group that cannot wait to hear your voice, see your smile, play with your kids, pray for you in the middle of the night, take you to your doctor’s appointment, believe for your breakthrough with you, there is a group were you belong. No one was meant to go it alone on this Earth. In 2021 let’s find our tribe. In this great day and age, and the world at our fingertips, it is possible to find a community to belong. How do you prevent yourself from being hurt again ? Outside of guarding your heart you cannot prevent it, but thats beauty of community, your healing from community will be found in community.

I’ll be the first to admit that I can talk alot, and over share. Not all my thoughts have to be in the same thread. I would like to make room for some time while readers agree and disagree some of my points. This list is to be continued. Until then, comment your thoughts and share. What are some other things that can be left behind in 2020?

Love you 🖤


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